Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 2011 Marion Smith 31 days, 31 videos & 31 goals

Yes Yes I was crazy enough to take the AMAZING Marion Smith on her challenge and make a video of a completed goal every day and it can be on anything not just craft related ;) Some of my goals are picking a winner for my 500 dubscriber giveaway, make a tag, make a card, organize (this one will take me a least) , have a 31 Day Marion Smith challenge giveaway, be in my 1st blog hop (KinderStampO's), do a blog hop, make something for the blog hop, use more color, make a Marion Smith inspired project, attend CHA, see Marion Smith in January at CHA and...

*Visit apieceofcraftdotcom or or on you tube for more information on this challenge

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