Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alpha Scrappa Omega-Destinations 4X4 page


4x4 Mini Page Swap. Due 3/31

Leave room for at least one small picture. Decorate both sides. Leave 1/2 inch for binding.

Group 1

1- Stephanie Gradzki-RECEIVED

2- Tonya Brooks-RECEIVED 4/9

3- Lisa Wood -RECEIVED

4- Liz Mullen - RECEIVED 4/9

5- Amber Witten-RECEIVED

6- Fanny Melendez- RECEIVED

Group 2

1- Kathleen Murray -RECEIVED

2- Thai Von Grumbkow-RECEIVED

3- Limor Webber - RECEIVED

4- Laura De La Rosa

5- Shannon Jorgensen- RECEIVED

6- Cynthia Franco-Guerrero-RECEIVED*

Group 3

1- Katie Hennenfent -RECEIVED

2- Kim MoeScrap -RECEIVED

3- Vanessa Baer- RECEIVED

4- Marisa Kristovich-RECEIVED

5- Angela Lee Butler-RECEIVED*

6- Shirley Lysee-RECEIVED*

Group 4

1- Nicole Lysee- RECEIVED 4/9

2- Elizabeth on-FB - RECEIVED 4/2

3-Mariam Satchell - RECEIVED

4- Esther Wedermann -RECEIVED 4/9

5- Jess-KinderstampO-RECEIVED

6- Darlene Carroll - RECEIVED

Group 5

1- Leonie Castro (Angel Swapper)

2- Anna Maria Villano-RECEIVED

3- Kelly Tulchin- RECEIVED

4- carolinas creations-RECEIVED

5- Alee Saenz

6- Michelle Menser

Angel swappers

1- Donna Butler

Please send a money order, cash or money thru paypal (personal/gift):

US Residents send $5.25, Canada & Mexico $13.50 & all other countries $16

*Please write your group number on the outside of your package, bag each page individually (plastic baggie) since its rainy season in sunny California =) and write your info (name) on each page on the ouside packaging or somewhere on the page.


  1. Super excited to do a swap!!! I have not been n a swap for a longtime and I am looking foward to it!

    Thanks so much for getting this together.
    Laura De La Rosa
    The Vintage Key

  2. I'd like to join this one Karla! ;)

  3. I would love to join your swap Karla

  4. Ok Karla so excited to do this swap it will be my first one too ;) Good Luck Ladies!!

  5. Hi Karla. I would love to participate! Sign me up please!

  6. Hi Karla,
    I would love to join your swap! :)


  7. This seems like so much fun!! This is the first I've heard of something like this. I will definitely have to join the next one, Unless there are still spaces open.

  8. Are there any spots left on this swap? thanks I would love to join if possible.

  9. Hi Karla can you sign me up porfavor..Tx Tina