Thursday, December 9, 2010

LACE & PEARLS 4x4 Mini Page Swap

Group #1

1. Marion Smith -

2. Jess at KinderStampo-RECEIVED

3. Tanya V at evilscrapper-RECEIVED

4. Jenny at jennymarie99 -RECEIVED

5. Alee at jantaleigh -

6. Karla at KARLAS001-RECEIVED

7. Lydia at littledys1-RECEIVED

Group #2
-Mailed on 4/5

1. Kerry at duffer9904 -RECEIVED

2. TaShanna at tsnell80 -RECEIVED

3. Rosie N. at nunjai -RECEIVED

4. Vanessa Rose -RECEIVED

5. Colleen at 2 tinytreasures -RECEIVED

6. Aissa at Aissa19-RECEIVED*

Group #3

1. Dawn Marie at sunnigrrl30 -RECEIVED

2. Lorinda at atwatermoon -RECEIVED

3. Jeannie at Geewhiz265 -RECEIVED

4. Darlene at snickerdoodleDreams1-RECEIVED

5.Andrea M. at sammyjrpapichulo- RECEIVED

6. Sherry at CricketsDaughter -

Group #4

1. Bona
at LiveLoveScrap-RECEIVED*

2. Lydia
at littlelyds1 -RECEIVED

3. Nicole

4. Liz
Mullens at scrapilicious life

5. Leonie
at scrapaliciousleo

6. Jackie
at scrappinglatina-

Group #5

1. Jules at jannaviles-RECEIVED

2. Tonya at gotonya

3. Susi at sillyshysushi -RECEIVED

4. Betty at Booper216-RECEIVED

5. Kandi at kandi7rivera

6. Nancy at pinkbellamia

Angel swaper

1st- Leonie
at leonardoderas

2nd- Angel swapper
: Lydia at littlelyds1

Due 3/30/2010 And since this is such a big group I will ship your pages 4 weeks after the due date unless swappers are late.

US swappers
Shipping is $4 in postage stamps (extra stamps will be returned) & please mail your pages 4 days before the due date. Mark your group # on the outside of your package & send an envelope to ship your pages back in.

Over seas swappers:
Postage starts at $20 (paypal only) & please mail your pages 2 weeks before the due date. Mark your group # on the outside of your package & send me an envelope to ship your pages back in.

-Make 6 pages send me 5.


  1. Sounds awesome. Thanks

    Jess - KinderStampO

  2. I'll play in your lace and pearls page swap! What a wonderful theme :) it's right up my alley

  3. Please add me to the swap.
    Allyson Pearson
    YouTube- 1966allyson

  4. i'll take a spot in each grp pls !!

  5. I would love to participate Karla! Pls sign me in!

    Rosie N

  6. Add me to the swap please. I am so excited.
    Youtube name - tsnell80

  7. I'd like to sign up for this!
    Youtube name: sunnigrrl30

  8. I would like to sign up Youtube name:Aissa19
    Also my Sister Youtube name: Booper216(Betty)

  9. New to this so hope it posts: Colleen Youtube: 2tinytreasures I'm new to Youtube and blogs but a long time scrapbooker Would luv to join swaps!

  10. Me want to join please! I think I am in. Hugs, Leonie PS Love your new designed blog!

  11. I would love to join in if there is still space!
    I'm Geewhiz65 on YouTube. I don't have a blog, but have swapped on the scrap beach a few private swaps. Thanks!

    Smiles, Jeannie

  12. OK...... Karla! I asked for it. PLEASE SIGN ME UP!

    I've never even done this before but would love the opportunity to create something special. The theme of lace & pearls... aww so beautiful! I can do this.

    YT: SnickerdoodleDreams1

    I'll be posting this from Australia... so let me know when you need postage due.

    I'm all excited to be a part of this.

    Question: is there a colour theme to this swap? Any details please let me know

    take care - Darlene

  13. Hi Karla,
    LMK if you have room for one more:) I would love to join.

    Take care and have a great day:)

  14. Hi Karla!
    I didn't give you my YT. Sorry!

    YT- nunjai

  15. thank you thank you! I'm so excited!

  16. Hi Karla,
    Thank you for signing me up My Youtube name is Aissa19. My Sister Betty also wanted to sign up her Youtube name is Booper 216.

    Again Thanks

  17. Hi Karla,
    I signed up on YouTube but I don't see my name on any of the 3 groups. I hope to make it in group 4. If you need an extra swapper, I can do 2 groups. Let me know! Thanks!

  18. Hey Karla,
    I dont see Bettt(BOOPER216)
    My youtube is aissa19.


  19. Hey Karla

    I noticed a small little error on my email address, it should be I don't want to miss any emails from you lol. I am also curious if there are any specific instructions to the lace and pearls mini swap?


  20. Design done! Hopefully assembly done this weekend!
    Video of swap:

  21. I'm trying to get these mailed to you. Can you email me your address?

  22. Karla can you email me your address.. Thanks

  23. Andrea (sammypapichulo) please email me at