Thursday, December 9, 2010

Valentines Day 4X4 Mini Page Swap

Hi Ladies!
The challenge is it must have a pocket and/or a flap. Every group has 7 swappers.

Group #1; Nancy, Veronica, Tonya, Susi, Thai, Tracy & Tina C.

Group #2; Jenny, Rachelle, Shirley, Alee, Tara, Esther & Kandi.

Group #3; Shannon Magee, Carlene, Nicole, Jo, Liz, Kinder Stampo & Karla (me).

*Please Message me so I can give you my shipping info. Please mail out these pages out 5 days before the due date if your a US Resident & 2 weeks before if you are shipping from out of the country. Add $4 worth of postage stamps so I can ship them back to you & postage starts at $20 for out of the country swappers paid thru paypal. Due date is 1/31/2011. Make 7 send me 6. Happy Scrapping!!"